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The MINI  loft ladder has got single sealing and hatch thickness 26mm. MINI  model is ideally suited to conditions where the attic is insulated and does not require additional thermal insulation.


The MINI  stair model, thanks to its small dimensions, is perfect for installation in narrow and small corridors. The little size of the stairs were achived thanks to using the unique 4 section metal-wood lader.


This ladder is equipped with non-slip feet , which perfectly adhere to the ground and prevent scratches on the floor surface.


Our non-slip feet included in MINI loft ladder provide an aesthetic finish for the ladder after cutting.


The excellent quality of materials used for the production of stairs and attention to every details of finish cause that the stairs will satisfy even the most demanding customers .


The maximum load during use is up to 160 kg. Dimensions 80cmx60cm. Max ceiling - floor height 265cm

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