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Loft Conversions

Loft conversions are an increasingly popular way of gaining valuable extra living space in your home, without sacrificing garden area or having to move to a bigger property.

From adding extra bedrooms, bathrooms or living space to simply increasing the value of your property, loft conversions are an attractive and cost-effective way of making the most of your home.

In most cases, the process of converting a loft is relatively straightforward and involves making use of the existing roof structure. Insulating and waterproofing the area is essential, and depending on your plans, structural work may be required to create new walls or windows.

The final step is decorating, so you can create a new space that’s tailored to how you want to use it. And with careful planning and design, you could add space to your home that could increase the overall value.

So if you’re looking for a practical way to increase your living space without selling up and buying a bigger property, why not take a closer look at how you could make the most of your loft?

We have 4 packages for you to choose from:

Economy Plan

Quality wooden loft ladder 
5 square metre of loft flooring 18mm FSC


Standard Plan

Quality wooden loft ladder
up to 14.40 square metre of loft flooring 18mm FSC

light - 4ft LED tube & switch 

Gold Plan

Quality wooden loft ladder / second safty rail to loft ladder  
up to 14.40 square metre of loft flooring 18 mm
light 5ft LED tube & 
safety balustrdade (metal or wood)


VIP Plan 

Luxury  - VIP Plan - storage rooms are excellent value compared with the cost of a full loft conversion and can include strenthened loft joists loft flooring-lighting-roof insulation-stud walls-velux windows plaster boarding and Qman loft ladder. 

Preiuim Package


Products We Offer

High Quality Ladders 

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