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Loft Insulation

We know the exact standards that need to be in any loft insulation, so by choosing us you will receive loft insulation services to the highest quality.

Benefits of Loft Insulation
Loft insulation is the low-cost way to make your loft energy efficient. Many houses already have loft insulation, but the question is does it meet the latest standards, and has the installation been carried out properly? The current standard of loft insulation is to ensure it’s 270mm thick. In most cases, the insulation will be within the first layer between the joists, while the second layer will be a cross layer. Once your loft insulation is up to the latest standards, you’ll notice the difference straight away. You’ll also:

  • Save money from your energy bills.

  • Increase your home’s Energy Performance rating and reduce your carbon footprint.

  • You might see an increase in your property’s value.

  • Your home will be warmer in winter and cooler in the summer.

We are providing loft insulation fitting service in Belfast area.

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Loft Isolation

Loft insulation types

When it comes to loft insulation, there are many types of materials. Depending on structure, requirements and suitability materials which can be used include:

  • Glass Fibre Loft Isolation  which is the most common loft insulation material used in Belfast. Relatively low cost most of material.

  • Rockwool loft insulation is quite commonly found in UK properties, as loose fill blown rock wool insulation or blanket.

  • Sheep wool a natural insulation material used as loft insulation, especially in stone properties, often used due to breathability.

  • Plastic loft insulation blankets are another type of loft insulation, made by recycled plastic bottles.

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Increase Thermal


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Saving your Energy

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Full Trained Installers

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Protect & Enhance Your Insulation

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Add Value To Your Home


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