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Loft Boarding 

Are you looking for Loft Boarding? Look no further than Attic Access NI’s loft board installation service. 

We offer a wide selection of packages that are suitable for all types of houses.

Our loft boarding solutions are a better way to make the most of your space.

Protect your insulation, save on energy bills and get all the storage you need.

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Increase your home's value

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Protect & Enhance Your Insulation

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Add up to 50% more floor space to your home

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Reduce heat loss in your home and save on your energy bills

Loft Boarding Installation

Loft boarding is one of the most crucial aspects of any attic. Without it, your loft would not serve as an efficient storage space, and it wouldn’t be safe to walk around.

When appropriately done loft flooring can transform your loft space to not only function properly but look the part too. We can offer you the very best in reasonably priced loft flooring at Loft and Ladders, all installed by expert loft boarding installers.


Our installation services are second to none, and we can offer you loft floorboards that will last a lifetime.

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Boarding your loft can be done using various methods.

We prefer to raise the boarding to keep the air circulating between your boarding and your insulation. 


Products We Offer

High Quality Ladders 

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