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Loft Hatch Enlarging

Professional & affordable loft hatch enlarging

Loft Hatches To Suit You


Your Brand New Loft Hatch Fitted By Professionals

We offer a wide range of loft hatches & related services at Attic Access NI. We can craft made to measure doors that fit flawlessly with your new loft ladder. For complete compatibility with your new loft ladder, we can also provide a high-quality swing down loft hatch door and ladder pole that makes it easy to access your attic. Of course, our professional loft hatch installers will have it fitted and ready to use in no time at all!

You may have found that the perfect loft ladder without the proper loft hatch is pointless. At Attic Access NI, we offer a range of services when it comes to selecting the perfect loft door. We provide a professional & affordable loft hatch installation as part of our regular service too, so you can save both time and money when fitting attic doors.

Get in touch with our team to learn more about our loft hatches and our all-important loft accessories!

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Increase your home's value

Protect & Enhance Your Insulation

Add up to 50% more space to your home

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Reduce heat loss in your home and save on your energy bills

Our loft hatch key features

  • All loft hatches are made to measure to fit your loft space

  • A choice of four durable and versatile loft doors

  • Hatches fit perfectly with chosen loft ladder

  • Optional addition of stylish loft hatch accessories and balustrades

Loft Hatch Accessories & Balustrades

In addition to offering professional loft hatch installation, we can supply several options to enhance your attic.

All our made to measure balustrades and loft hatch accessories have been designed from the ground up with safety and security in mind. Each will provide you with extra stability when entering and exiting your loft space so that your attic will be not only accessible but also safe. So, when you need your loft hatch installed, why not consider that extra touch of safety in your attic space and get in touch to discuss our loft hatch accessories?

Whatever your requirements, we can fit any kind of loft hatch. Whether you need relocation, enlargement or replacement; get in touch as we can help.

Loft hatch is an important part when come to access to loft area as it may use as a storage space or well insulated space. Some houses have a pitched roof but no loft hatch installed, so the home owner needs to open a new hatch to access the loft to use it as a storage and/or to insulate. However size of the loft hatch is also very important factor, some properties built in early 1900s have a very small hatch, making access to the attic difficult so it has to be enlarged according to the latest standards. Attic Access NI provide loft hatch fitting service, enlarge loft hatches, replace loft hatch to new standards such as insulated loft hatch, draft proof loft hatch or fire rated loft hatch. Alternatively, the home owner may benefit from the latest all in one insulated fire rated and ladder with hatch option.

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